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World Geography Tutor helps you learn World Geography while playing
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World Geography Tutor is an application that helps you learn some World Geography in an easy and funny way. You learn as you play some useful games.
It lets you choose whether you want to enter recognition mode, where you can navigate through the maps to memorize the location of countries. The other modes are for playing games. In the first one, you need to click the right location of the countries given in a list. In the second one, you need to guess the name of the country highlighted.

It has a database of all the countries in the world. It also offers information about the capitals, territorial extension, and population of those countries. In addition, it has a database of the states and capitals in the USA, and the flags of the countries in Africa and Europe. Unfortunately, it doesn't include the flags of countries in other continents.

The main window of the program lets you choose the type of the game you want to play. It also has options for increasing the size of the window and the length of the quizzes.

This game is funnier when played with friends and family, otherwise you can get bored. And, even when it needs some improvements, like more interactivity, sound, and a better graphic interface, it can be very useful for kids of school age.

Misael Aguilar
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Review summary


  • Useful for children
  • Challenging for adults
  • Funnier if played with family or friends


  • After some time you can get bored
  • It only offers states and capitals of the US
  • Shows flags of countries in Africa and Europe only
  • Lacks of sound in game play
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